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Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

10-Minute Functional Warm Up

Stretch / Roll / Warmup / Cool down • 10m

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  • 5-Minute Post-Workout Cool Down

    Finish your workout with this short and sweet cool down. A proper cool down includes static stretches to possibly reduce muscle soreness and the opportunity for your heart rate the decrease back to a pre-exercise level.

    This cool down includes post-workout stretches that target shoulders, hamst...

  • Dynamic Warm Up

    Get your body ready to sweat with this 8-minute dynamic warm up. This class will safely warm up your major muscle groups so that you're ready to take on whatever workout is coming next!

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: low
    Intensity: moderate

  • 18-Minute Full Body Foam Rolling

    During this 18 minute session we’ll go through a full body foam rolling sequence to help you release tension and tightness in some of our most overworked muscle groups. Foam rolling is an ideal way to begin or end your day and will help you recover more efficiently between workouts, runs, rides, ...