Stretch / Roll / Warmup / Cool down

Stretch / Roll / Warmup / Cool down

While they might not be the sexiest classes you'll find on Fit Revolution, our stretching, foam rolling, warm up and cool down classes are some of the most important. Give your body lots of love and TLC by warming it up properly and recovering right.

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Stretch / Roll / Warmup / Cool down
  • Full Body Warmup - Glute Activation + Mobility

    This class is the perfect way to warm up for a strength training session, a run or any other workout you have planned. The focus is on activating the glutes and upper/lower body mobility. Proper warm ups before tough workouts or runs can help prevent injuries and ensure that you're at peak perfor...

  • 10-minute Post-Workout Stretching Session

    This 10-minute session features a full-body stretching experience designed to lengthen and bring elasticity back to the muscles after a workout. We’ll hit the shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings, calves, abs, chest and more.

    You don’t need any equipment, and we’ll hold poses for about 20 to 30 se...

  • Mobility Recovery 30 min Sarah Pay

  • Post-Workout Stretch

  • 10 Minute Post-Workout Stretch

    It's important to stretch the muscles that you just pushed in your workout. Whether you're returning home from a run or finishing a tough strength workout, this stretching session will help you recover and move into post-workout relaxation mode!

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: low
    Intensity: low

  • 10-Minute Functional Warm Up

    Get your body prepared to workout in less than 10 minutes! In this class you'll move through functional exercises in multiple planes of motion to mentally and physically prepare for your workout.

    A proper warm up increases tissue temperature, increases blood flow to the muscles, helps you “get ...

  • 5-Minute Post-Workout Cool Down

    Finish your workout with this short and sweet cool down. A proper cool down includes static stretches to possibly reduce muscle soreness and the opportunity for your heart rate the decrease back to a pre-exercise level.

    This cool down includes post-workout stretches that target shoulders, hamst...

  • Dynamic Warm Up

    Get your body ready to sweat with this 8-minute dynamic warm up. This class will safely warm up your major muscle groups so that you're ready to take on whatever workout is coming next!

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: low
    Intensity: moderate

  • 18-Minute Full Body Foam Rolling

    During this 18 minute session we’ll go through a full body foam rolling sequence to help you release tension and tightness in some of our most overworked muscle groups. Foam rolling is an ideal way to begin or end your day and will help you recover more efficiently between workouts, runs, rides, ...