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Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

10-Minute Slider Core Workout

Strength • 11m

Up Next in Strength

  • 18-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

    This dumbbell only strength workout is quick and intense and has minimal rest periods. This class will work your full body and includes a mix of upper and lower body strength training. Grab your mat, water, medium and light dumbbells and get after it!

    Equipment needed: mat and dumbbells

  • Lower Body Mini Band Warmup

    This lower body warmup will wake up and activate your glutes prior to a lower body workout, run or spin class. Grab a resistance band and let’s get started!

    Equipment needed: mini band
    Impact: low
    Intensity: moderate

  • Upper Body Strength with Dumbbells

    We’ll start with a quick warmup then move through this upper body strength circuit 3 times. Your back, chest, shoulders, and arms will be on fire after this workout!

    Equipment needed: medium and light dumbbells and a mat
    Impact: low
    Intensity: moderate