Our strength training classes range from 10 minute bodyweight core blasts to 60 minute total body dumbbell workouts. You'll find a wide variety of strength classes to meet your needs - whether that is a killer arm workout, a challenging bodyweight workout where you won't miss the weights or a traditional dumbbell strength training session. We can't wait for you to explore all the options we have to offer!

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  • Total Body Dumbbell Workout (35-Min Group Exercise Style/Music-Driven)

    If you love to squat to a beat this one is for you! :) Y'all are going to love this total body dumbbell workout with Jen. The style of the workout is more like a group exercise class instead of a repped out workout with sets. That means it flows to the music and each song has a different training...

  • 20 Minute Arms & Abs

    Grab a pair of medium and light dumbbells for this 20 minute arms and abs workout! This workout is perfect if you’re short on time and is great to add on to an upper body strength workout or cardio workout! Grab your weights, water, and let’s get started!

  • 20-Minute Mini Band Workout: Glutes + Legs

    Grab a mini band and get ready to light up your glutes and legs! This 20-minute workout combines a variety of mini-band exercises to activate and strengthen your glutes while also giving your quite the leg burn. This is an excellent strength workout for runners and anyone who wants to keep your g...

  • Full Body Dumbbell Only Blast

    Join me for this dumbbell only full body workout. It’s quick and intense with minimal rest periods. This class will work your full body and include a mix of upper and lower body strength training. Grab your mat, water, medium and light dumbbells, and let’s get started!

  • 40-Minute Group Exercise Style Total Body Strength

    Get ready to get sweaty and have fun with this group exercise style total body dumbbell strength workout. Trust us when we say there is no muscle group left'll do it ALL in this class! Group exercise style means that this class flows seamlessly through various exercises and is taught...

  • 45-Minute Group Exercise Style Strength with ALL THE PULSING

    You will feel the burn in this group exercise style dumbbell strength class that features tons of bottom half pulsing for maximum time under tension. Group exercise style means that this workout flows from one movement to the next with minimal breaks and is more taught to the beat instead of work...

  • 20-Minute Lower Body Workout

    This workout uses an optional resistance band loop to challenge your lower body in an entirely different way! This workout includes a standing series and floor series designed to fire up the muscles in your glutes, quads, inner and outer thighs, and hamstrings. This workout is short, sweet, and i...

  • Ladder-Style Total Body Super Set Dumbbell Workout

    This dumbbell workout is only a little over 20 minutes but it's super effective in giving you a total body strength training workout. Class features a ladder style rep scheme of super set movements starting with 25 reps and working down to 20, 15 and 10 before working your way back up to 25. Each...

  • Full Body Blast

    20 minute full body workout using only dumbbells and kettlebells. It’s quick and intense with minimal rest periods. This class will work your full body and include a mix of upper and lower body strength training. Grab your mat and water, let’s get started!

  • 20-Minute Total Body Compound Movement Dumbbell Blast

    You won't stop moving for 20 minutes with this total body dumbbell workout. Class features five compound movements done 45 seconds on, 15 off to transition to the next. You'll do four consecutive rounds of work and feel happily exhausted at the end!

    Equipment needed: light to medium dumbbells

  • 35-Minute Fun + Sweaty Bodyweight Fusion

    In this group exercise-style class Jen combines bodyweight strength with elements from yoga for a fun and challenging workout. You will not miss the weights in this one and we guarantee you’ll be sweaty and shaking by the time you’re finished. This is a full-body workout but with extra emphasis o...

  • 16 Minute HIIT

    If you’re short on time and equipment but looking for an intense and effective workout, this one has your name written all over it! Join Jen for a challenging bodyweight HIIT workout that covers upper body, lower body, core and cardio in just four movements. You’ll cycle four rounds of push ups, ...

  • 20-15-10 Upperbody Workout

    Get ready to hit every major upper body muscle and experience total fatigue in just 15 minutes. This challenging upper body workout targets your chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders in three rounds of work with a descending rep scheme.

    Equipment needed: mat, dumbbells
    Impact: low

  • 100 Rep Upperbody Finisher

    This quick but intense upper body workout is the perfect finisher to add to any other workout when you want to finish with a little extra upper body for total burnout. It’s also great to do after a run or on a day where you’re short on time. This workout features two rounds of 10 reps of five mov...

  • 15-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout (Core + Leg Focus!)

    You'll never know that you only worked out for 15 minutes when you finish this bodyweight HIIT workout. It's quick but super intense! There are three, five-minute sets of work and each builds in intensity. You'll roll straight through the work with no rest intervals so push strong to the finish! ...

  • 25-minute Full-Body Dumbbell Strength Circuit Workout

    This 25-minute full-body workout packs a lot of punch in a short amount of time. After a brief dynamic warm-up, we’ll move quickly from one exercise to the next, using dumbbells and bodyweight.

    Each of the three sets has strength moves, like squats, lateral lunges and rows, paired with a cardio...

  • Speed & Agility for Runners

    This workout is intense but will fly by and help to increase your speed and responsiveness when you hit the road or the trail. We’ll get our heart rates up with a tabata style circuit (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) of 6 movements 4 times through. Effort to give 100% on each interval for maxim...

  • Balance & Stability 30 - Sarah Pay

  • Power + Strength for Runners

    This workout is quick but thorough and will give you the power and strength you need to make your run feel more effortless! We’ll go through 2 rounds of a 3 set circuit, pairing a weighted movement (for strength) with a bodyweight movement (for power and to get your heart rate up) in each set. We...

  • 20-Minute Upper Body Dumbbell Workout with 100 Push Ups

    Get ready for BURNOUT! This workout features 60 second intervals of 10 different upper body exercises. Between each exercise we stop and do 10 push ups so by the time the workout is've done 10 full minutes of upper body + 100 push ups!!! Chest, back, triceps, biceps and shoulders...we'...

  • Total Body Dumbbell Superset Workout

    This is a total body dumbbell super set workout. This strength-focused workout has no plyometrics or cardio (but the strength work WILL drive your heart rate up!). We hit upper and lower body as well as core. We'll work two movements, back-to-back for three rounds through. After that we move onto...

  • Power Strength Runner 1

  • Balance & Stability Runner 3

  • 10-Minute Slider Core Workout

    Grab your sliders and let’s hit the floor for a quick and effective core circuit.
    This workout is great if you’re short on time and can also be done as a warmup before a strength workout to fire up your core muscles.

    Equipment needed: sliders
    Impact: low
    Intensity: moderate