Slow Flow

Slow Flow

Many make the mistake of believing that slow is easier. Not true. Sometimes slowing down can be exactly what we need to challenge ourselves to find our strength and breath in different situations. These classes are sequenced to help you ground down and breathe deep.

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Slow Flow
  • 20-Minute Sun Salute Exploration

    Sun salutes are an awesome way to increase mobility, connect with wave-like breathing rhythms and clear the mind. This 20-minute sun salute flow is grounded in traditional sun salutes with variations added in for increased strength and flexibility. Class is beginner-friendly (even if you have no ...

  • Slow It Down 30-Minute Power Flow

    This class moves at a slower pace to give you more time to experience each posture so that you can fully connect with your breath, release tension and stress and clear your mind. This class is beginner-friendly.

    Equipment needed: mat, yoga block and strap optional
    Impact: low
    Intensity: low

  • 13 Minute Super Slow Flow

    This short flow is designed to help you increase mobility, calm your mind and deepen your connection to breath. This class is short but slow and steady. A perfect choice if you need a reset in your day to come back to your body and breath. Class is beginner-friendly.

    Equipment needed: mat, yoga...

  • Chillout Power Flow

    If you’re looking for a power flow but with a little bit of a slower pace and longer holds, you’ll love this class. It’s 45-minutes of twisting, back bends, forward bends, stretching and opening. The message is focused on letting movement be medicine by helping you flow into your desired feeling ...

  • 35-Minute, Breath-Focused Slower Power Flow

    This 35-minute power practice is focused on breath and slowing it down just a bit to allow for breath and body awareness in the poses.

    Equipment needed: yoga mat
    Intensity: low to moderate

  • Power Flow for Love and Acceptance

    Hi fam, it's Jen. I love this class so much...the message and the flow...and I hope you do too. I was listening to a podcast this week where the guest shared that after questioning what she had done to "deserve" what was happening to her, she realized that she was not a problem to be fixed but a ...

  • Rise and Shine Flow

    This 45-minute class begins slowly. It includes a progressive warmup beginning with easy spinal floor work and modified sun salutations. The all levels standing sequence is designed to help you ground, open and awaken your body and soul in preparation for the day ahead.