Power Flow

Power Flow

At Fit Revolution we specialize in power yoga. You won't find more challenging, dynamic, creative and engaging power flow anywhere online. Our classes offer you an experience with your body that will leave you feeling connected to your power and strength. These breath-based, intentionally-sequenced classes will push you to your edges in all the best ways. Be prepared to sweat, play, trust and let go.

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Power Flow
  • 60-Minute Balanced Power Flow

    Our behavior and attitudes are literally contagious. This yoga practice is a great way to bring yourself into balance so that you can go out into the world and be the person you want to be - spreading good energy, love and light!

    The intention of this practice is to bring yourself into balance ...

  • 35-Minute Fusion - Power Flow + Bodyweight Strength

    I love incorporating elements of strength training into my power yoga practice because I think it's so important to have a good balance between strength and flexibility. I designed this class to blend flow and strength, and there is a lot of focus on glute, core and upper body strength.

    I hope ...

  • 20-Minute Fast, Fluid, Powerful Flow

    We spend one minute coming into presence and then we FLOW! If you love power classes but are short on time, this practice is for you. It's short but intentional and features a progressive, fast, fluid powerful flow.

    Equipment needed: yoga mat, block and strap optional
    Impact: low
    Intensity: mod...

  • Front to Back Power Flow (45 Mins - Fun + Playful!)

    Sometimes switching it up a little is just what you need to add some energy to your practice! This 45-minute class features a fun sequence that flow from front to back of mat and back to the front again! Tons of options for play here as well with arm balances and inversions.

    Equipment needed: y...

  • Power Exactly Like You Need It Today (60-Minute Flow)

    This class is all about making your power practice exactly what you need it to be TODAY! Not yesterday, not last year, not what you think it should be but what you need right now. You can practice power on days you feel like going for all the things and days that you want to be a little gentler w...

  • Wake Up and Flow (20-Minute Energizing Flow to Start the Day)

    There's no better way to start the day than with movement! This is a gentle but energizing power practice that starts slow and stretchy and builds in pace. You'll open your hips and hamstrings, stretch your chest and shoulders and get plenty of twisting in. You'll leave your mat clear, centered a...

  • 60-Minute Hybrid Power Flow + Deep Stretch Practice

    Find a balance of yin and yang in this practice that blends deep stretch and power flow. We start out with 30 minutes of vigorous power flow to heat and strengthen our bodies and then move into 30 minutes of deep stretch to lengthen muscles and relax our nervous systems. This practice feels SO GO...

  • 50-Minute No Chaturanga Power Flow

    YOGIS! Sometimes you just need a break from chaturangas. Can we get an amen!? The good news is that just because you don't chaturanga doesn't mean you can't flow. This class is very focused on fluid flow and less focused on strength. You'll get a strong practice with options for arm balances and ...

  • Strengthen + Soften Fast Flow

    Lovers of fast flow...this one is for you! This class has 38 minutes of fast flow with two huge three-round salutations that progress in intensity and options each round. There is plenty of strength and mobility work built in as well. Class ends with 10 minutes of integration work on the floor wi...

  • 40-Minute Power Flow to Refresh + Clear

    This power class is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and clear. Class features plenty of power flow with a focus on strength, mobility, balance and breath. You’ll feel good when this one is done!

    Equipment needed: mat, yoga block and strap optional
    Impact: low
    Intensity: moderate

  • 40-Minute Power Flow to Invigorate + Energize

    This is a complete power flow practice that will invigorate, energize, and oxygenate your body. Class begins with gentle opening and progresses into deeper asanas and balancing postures before ending with grounded floor work. You’ll find a strong focus on breath connection and body awareness in t...

  • 20-Minute Energizer Flow

    If you’re looking to kickstart your day with a yoga practice that gets your blood pumping and oxygen flowing, this class is for you. This flow is designed to infuse your body with natural energy and is also a great choice if you are in need of a midday pick-me-up.

    Equipment needed: mat, yoga bl...

  • 20-Minute Fast Power

    20-Minute Fast Power with Two Rounds of Flow

    This is the perfect power yoga practice if you need to flow but have limited time to fit it in. After a short warm up, Jen moves you through two huge rounds of flow. The first builds on warrior one variations and the second on crescent lunge variation...

  • Strength-Focused Fast Power Flow

    This 30-minute power class is for yogis who are looking to flow fast, get sweaty and work on strength. Along with lots of one-breath per posture flow, you’ll also see plenty of chaturanga push ups, glute activation work and core strengthening. Class finished with abbreviated floor work and savasa...

  • 60 Minute Power Flow

    This is one of Jen’s signature 60-minute power flow classes. The first half of class features several rounds of progressive flow to build heat and open the body before moving into longer holds and deeper postures in the latter half of class. Class finishes on the floor for integration and rest. C...

  • Crescent Power Flow

    This power flow class explores crescent lunge, standing splits and big toe hold variations. You'll move through a progressive flow that will take you into deeper twisting and hamstring opening while also offerings lots of opportunities to play!

    This is a dynamic class with lots of one breath pe...

  • Power Flow with Side Angle + Half Moon Variations

    This practice is a 30-minute power flow building on variations and progressions of side angle and half moon. This flow will move through postures that will prep your body for exploration of deeper expressions of side angle and half moon.

    We move at a pretty good pace so stay with your breath, p...

  • Warrior Power Flow

    A 30-minute power class that's all about warrior one, wide leg forward fold and variations of those postures. You'll get into your hips, hamstrings, chest and shoulders as you move through a dynamic progressive flow that will prepare your body for deeper exploration of humble warrior and wide leg...

  • Grounding Power Flow

    This 40-minute class is designed to help you slow down and ground down. Give yourself the gift of checking in and presence as you move through a practice that brings you home to yourself.

    Equipment needed: yoga mat
    Intensity: low to moderate

  • Yoga Flow for Cleansing the Body, Improving Digestion and Detoxification

    Whether it's a physical or mental cleansing that you need, this practice will deliver it. This flow is intended to improve digestion and great for times that you feel bloated or digestive discomfort. There is plenty of twisting and movement to move stuck things out of your body, heart and mind.

  • 30-Minute Express Power Flow

    Short on time but want to FLOW!? We've got you! Join Jen for this express power flow class where you'll get all of your sun salutations, triangles, half moons and handstands done in just a little over 30 minutes! :)

    The class is short but the flow is strong. Be ready to MOVE, BREATHE and SWEAT!

  • Sweaty, Fun Power Flow with Strength + Core

    Get ready for a sweaty, fun power flow! The warm up integrates lots of strength-based transitions and core work...along with plenty of flow.

    This class includes lots of fun options in the sequence like handstands, bird of paradise, bound revolved side plank and more. But don't let that scare you...

  • A Sweaty, Hard, Emotionally-Grounding Power Flow

    This 60-minute class includes three progressive salutations that build on warrior variations. The sequencing is engaging, immersive and fun and offers opportunities for arm balances, inversions and yogi play as it builds.

    Class also includes core strength, plenty of spinal strength work, balanc...

  • 30-Minute Breath-Focused Grounding Flow

    If your short on time and wanting a breath-focused grounding flow, this class is for you. This class moves but not too fast and gives you just enough for 30 minutes of practice.

    Equipment needed: yoga mat
    Intensity: low to medium