Jen Eddins

Jen is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, group fitness instructor, fitness blogger and published author. She is passionate about empowering women around their strength – physical, emotional and spiritual. The goal of her work is to help others feel more at home in their bodies and hearts and to fully embrace the infinite power and love that lives within all of us.

  • 40-Minute Group Exercise Style Total Body Strength

    Get ready to get sweaty and have fun with this group exercise style total body dumbbell strength workout. Trust us when we say there is no muscle group left'll do it ALL in this class! Group exercise style means that this class flows seamlessly through various exercises and is taught...

  • 60-Minute Hybrid Power Flow + Deep Stretch Practice

    Find a balance of yin and yang in this practice that blends deep stretch and power flow. We start out with 30 minutes of vigorous power flow to heat and strengthen our bodies and then move into 30 minutes of deep stretch to lengthen muscles and relax our nervous systems. This practice feels SO GO...

  • 45-Minute Group Exercise Style Strength with ALL THE PULSING

    You will feel the burn in this group exercise style dumbbell strength class that features tons of bottom half pulsing for maximum time under tension. Group exercise style means that this workout flows from one movement to the next with minimal breaks and is more taught to the beat instead of work...

  • Ladder-Style Total Body Super Set Dumbbell Workout

    This dumbbell workout is only a little over 20 minutes but it's super effective in giving you a total body strength training workout. Class features a ladder style rep scheme of super set movements starting with 25 reps and working down to 20, 15 and 10 before working your way back up to 25. Each...

  • 50-Minute No Chaturanga Power Flow

    YOGIS! Sometimes you just need a break from chaturangas. Can we get an amen!? The good news is that just because you don't chaturanga doesn't mean you can't flow. This class is very focused on fluid flow and less focused on strength. You'll get a strong practice with options for arm balances and ...

  • 20-Minute Total Body Compound Movement Dumbbell Blast

    You won't stop moving for 20 minutes with this total body dumbbell workout. Class features five compound movements done 45 seconds on, 15 off to transition to the next. You'll do four consecutive rounds of work and feel happily exhausted at the end!

    Equipment needed: light to medium dumbbells

  • Strengthen + Soften Fast Flow

    Lovers of fast flow...this one is for you! This class has 38 minutes of fast flow with two huge three-round salutations that progress in intensity and options each round. There is plenty of strength and mobility work built in as well. Class ends with 10 minutes of integration work on the floor wi...

  • 35-Minute Fun + Sweaty Bodyweight Fusion

    In this group exercise-style class Jen combines bodyweight strength with elements from yoga for a fun and challenging workout. You will not miss the weights in this one and we guarantee you’ll be sweaty and shaking by the time you’re finished. This is a full-body workout but with extra emphasis o...

  • 20-Minute Fast Power

    20-Minute Fast Power with Two Rounds of Flow

    This is the perfect power yoga practice if you need to flow but have limited time to fit it in. After a short warm up, Jen moves you through two huge rounds of flow. The first builds on warrior one variations and the second on crescent lunge variation...

  • 16 Minute HIIT

    If you’re short on time and equipment but looking for an intense and effective workout, this one has your name written all over it! Join Jen for a challenging bodyweight HIIT workout that covers upper body, lower body, core and cardio in just four movements. You’ll cycle four rounds of push ups, ...

  • 20-15-10 Upperbody Workout

    Get ready to hit every major upper body muscle and experience total fatigue in just 15 minutes. This challenging upper body workout targets your chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders in three rounds of work with a descending rep scheme.

    Equipment needed: mat, dumbbells
    Impact: low

  • Strength-Focused Fast Power Flow

    This 30-minute power class is for yogis who are looking to flow fast, get sweaty and work on strength. Along with lots of one-breath per posture flow, you’ll also see plenty of chaturanga push ups, glute activation work and core strengthening. Class finished with abbreviated floor work and savasa...

  • 100 Rep Upperbody Finisher

    This quick but intense upper body workout is the perfect finisher to add to any other workout when you want to finish with a little extra upper body for total burnout. It’s also great to do after a run or on a day where you’re short on time. This workout features two rounds of 10 reps of five mov...

  • Chillout Power Flow

    If you’re looking for a power flow but with a little bit of a slower pace and longer holds, you’ll love this class. It’s 45-minutes of twisting, back bends, forward bends, stretching and opening. The message is focused on letting movement be medicine by helping you flow into your desired feeling ...

  • 60 Minute Power Flow

    This is one of Jen’s signature 60-minute power flow classes. The first half of class features several rounds of progressive flow to build heat and open the body before moving into longer holds and deeper postures in the latter half of class. Class finishes on the floor for integration and rest. C...

  • Down Dog Jump to Crow Pose

    Learn to float from downward facing dog to crow pose in one seamless jump! This is a fun transition to try once you’re comfortable with crow pose.

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: moderate
    Intensity: moderate

  • Crow Pose to Tripod Headstand

    Once you’ve nailed crow pose and tripod headstand, put the two together in this fun arm balance and inversion combination. Jen walks you through the steps of moving from crow into tripod headstand and back to crow.

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: moderate
    Intensity: moderate

  • Crow Pose to Chaturanga

    This tutorial teaches you how to jump back to chaturanga dandasana from crow pose. It’s a great transition to master to add a little spice to your flows! We recommend having a solid crow pose and good chaturanga technique before trying this one.

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: moderate

  • Crow Pose

    In this tutorial, Jen shares three key tips for crow pose and walks you through two ways to get into the arm balance. This tutorial is perfect for those who are new to crow pose.

    Equipment needed: mat, yoga block
    Impact: moderate
    Intensity: moderate

  • Tripod Headstand

    Learn how to set up for tripod headstand and learn different variations for getting into the inversion. This tutorial is perfect for those new to tripod headstand and offers grounded variations of the headstand before coming into the full headstand expression.

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: mode...

  • 10 Minute Post-Workout Stretch

    It's important to stretch the muscles that you just pushed in your workout. Whether you're returning home from a run or finishing a tough strength workout, this stretching session will help you recover and move into post-workout relaxation mode!

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: low
    Intensity: low

  • 10-Minute Core Burner

    Here's a quick core burner that's perfect to add to the end of another strength or cardio workout...or to do when you're short on time!

    You won't stop moving for 10 minutes as you make your way through various crunch and plank variations.

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: Low
    Intensity: Moderate

  • 4-3-2-1 Cardio Strength Dumbbell Workout

    You are going to LOVE this workout! Here's what we're working with:

    4 minutes of compound exercises
    3 minutes of unilateral exercises
    2 minutes of core
    1 minute of cardio

    This class has a 5 minute warm up, 32 minutes of the 4-3-2-1 workout and a 5 minute cool down.

    Equipment needed: mat and d...

  • Group Exercise Style Total Body Dumbbell Strength

    Love group exercise style workouts? You'll love this class! Rather than work in sets and timed intervals, you'll be guided through a seamless flow of strength-focused movements. This class starts with a bodyweight warmup and rolls right into dumbbell work for a little over 35 minutes of work tota...