Get ready to get sweaty! Our HIIT workouts are designed to push your fitness to the next level. Heart-pounding workouts set to killer soundtracks!

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  • Full Body Dumbbell HIIT Strength Training

    This quick and intense class is all about getting strong! You'll use light and medium dumbbells for a mix of upper and lower body strength training. Minimal rest periods offered so be ready to work for 20 minutes!

    Equipment needed: mat, light dumbbells, medium dumbbells
    Impact: low
    Intensity: m...

  • 18-Minute Lower Body Strength + HIIT

    This class is all about strengthening the lower body. The focus here is on glutes + legs through a variety of challenging lower body exercises using bands and dumbbells.

    Equipment needed: mat, small resistance bands, medium weight dumbbells
    Impact: moderate to high
    Intensity: moderate to high

  • 9-Minute Quick Bodyweight Burner (Upper Body, Lower Body and Core!)

    This 9-minute bodyweight workout is a great way to warm up for a weighted strength workout or a great burner to tack on to the end of another workout. It's also perfect if you're short on time but want to get something in.

    We've got squats, curtsy lunges, push ups and mountain climbers in a des...

  • 15-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout (Core + Leg Focus!)

    You'll never know that you only worked out for 15 minutes when you finish this bodyweight HIIT workout. It's quick but super intense! There are three, five-minute sets of work and each builds in intensity. You'll roll straight through the work with no rest intervals so push strong to the finish! ...

  • 30-Minute HIIT: Bodyweight Tabata

    OMG...you are going to LOVE this tabata bodyweight workout! In just under 30 minutes you are going to get a crazy awesome bodyweight cardio strength workout done.

    All you need is your own bodyweight, a mat and something to do tricep dips on. You can work off of the floor if you don't have a tabl...

  • Full Body HITT - Equipment Free

    This bodyweight workout can be done anywhere with no equipment! It’s quick and intense with minimal rest periods. This class will work your full body and include a mix of upper and lower body strength training. Grab your mat and some water, and let’s get started!

  • 16 Minute HIIT

    If you’re short on time and equipment but looking for an intense and effective workout, this one has your name written all over it! Join Jen for a challenging bodyweight HIIT workout that covers upper body, lower body, core and cardio in just four movements. You’ll cycle four rounds of push ups, ...