• 60-Minute Balanced Power Flow

    Our behavior and attitudes are literally contagious. This yoga practice is a great way to bring yourself into balance so that you can go out into the world and be the person you want to be - spreading good energy, love and light!

    The intention of this practice is to bring yourself into balance ...

  • Lower Body Strength Workout

    Grab a pair of medium and light weights, a resistance band, and your water! We’ll start with a quick warm up using the resistance band and move through the strength circuit three times.

  • Quick and Intense Bodyweight + Band Workout

    We're getting a lot done in a short amount of time and with minimal equipment. All you need for this 25-minute workout is a small resistance band, a mat and your own bodyweight.

    We'll be working a lot of singles followed by 16-count pulses for a big burn!

    Equipment needed: mat, small resistan...

  • 20-minute Barre-less Barre Burn

    This 20-minute fast-paced workout is a mix of classic standing barre movements without a barre, paired with some floor-work targeting the butt and core. You don’t need any equipment at all, we’ll move quickly to the beat of the music with a lot of pulsing. You can do this workout in bare feet or ...

  • 15-Minute Core + Cardio Circuit (BODYWEIGHT!)

    Roll out your mat and hit the floor for this 15-minute bodyweight core and cardio class.

    It’s the perfect warmup before hitting the weights or can be done alone to strengthen your core and get your heart rate up!

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: moderate to high
    Intensity: moderate to high