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Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

ALL • 2m 10s

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  • Fundamentals: How to Deadlift

    Deadlifts are an incredibly effective exercise for strengthening the posterior chain of the body and for firing glutes and hamstrings. This fundamentals class will teach you how to safely execute deadlifts and how to get the most out of the work that you are doing.

    Equipment needed: dumbbells

  • 18-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

    This dumbbell only strength workout is quick and intense and has minimal rest periods. This class will work your full body and includes a mix of upper and lower body strength training. Grab your mat, water, medium and light dumbbells and get after it!

    Equipment needed: mat and dumbbells

  • Lower Body Workout with Dumbbells

    25 minutes of lower body strength work. Grab a pair of medium and light weights, and your water! We’ll start with a quick warm up and move through the strength circuit three times.

    Equipment needed: dumbbells
    Impact: low
    Intensity: moderate