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Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

Watch this video and more on Fit Revolution

Total Body Dumbbell Strength with Three Big Super Sets!

ALL • 24m

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  • 15-Minute Core + Cardio Circuit (BODY...

    Roll out your mat and hit the floor for this 15-minute bodyweight core and cardio class.

    It’s the perfect warmup before hitting the weights or can be done alone to strengthen your core and get your heart rate up!

    Equipment needed: mat
    Impact: moderate to high
    Intensity: moderate to high

  • 20-Minute Fast, Fluid, Powerful Flow

    We spend one minute coming into presence and then we FLOW! If you love power classes but are short on time, this practice is for you. It's short but intentional and features a progressive, fast, fluid powerful flow.

    Equipment needed: yoga mat, block and strap optional
    Impact: low
    Intensity: mod...

  • 20-Minute Total Body Dumbbell Workout...

    Total body strength training in just 20 minutes! This dumbbell workout features compound movements. That means you're working more than one muscle group with each exercise. There are six movements that we do for one minute each and repeat for three rounds. Here's what you'll see!

    Squat with a l...

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